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"Knowledge wants to be free"

I am Shahriar, a Bangladeshi Social Entrepreneur! I care to change the world for the betterment of everyone.

I believe that education is a right for all; that schools were made to give knowledge to everyone. But today when I look at educational institutes, I feel sad when I see that the institutes are either taking those who are over qualified or already know everything or those who have a lot of money and can afford their education. Sadly, the ones in between are left over and never given justice.

People think poverty is the root of all problems! But I believe that poverty itself is just a problem and the root of it is illiteracy.

So I started ISNPO to give personalized help (advise) to all the students out there who wish to study more but can't due to not having sufficient weight in their bank balance.

My vision is to make an Online Tuition-Free Degree Granting School, College and University so we can revolutionize the world of education. No limit of seats, no limitations of money. And no more, "One teacher standing in front of 100 kids; all of which have different gifts, different dreams, different needs yet are being taught same things the same way!"

So I'm looking for people to collaborate with me. I am looking for opportunities to execute my vision as I believe, "A vision without execution is hallucination!"



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"If you want to have something you never had; you have to be willing to do something you've never done!"